If you have a commercial building, have you stopped to look at how the current paint job represents you? You want the outside of your business to reflect your overall vision and your paint job is part of that. Also, a good outside paint job protects your investment.

Commercial painting is not just about design and what is pleasing to the eye; it is also about making sure the outside of your building has the right finish to protect it from damage. Our company is eco-friendly and we have many ways to “go green” with your next commercial painting job! Our customers love us because our paint doesn’t emit anything harmful or toxic back into the air we breathe.

The interior side of commercial painting deals greatly with making sure you have the right paint to handle high-volume traffic and bumping into walls, etc.

Whether you’re sprucing up an older building or completing a brand new construction site, the paint job is often the last thing to be done and yet leaves the biggest first impression, which can be lasting. We are a full-service company and we can handle any size commercial painting job.

It doesn’t matter whether you are painting the inside or the outside of your building, our painting company has the expertise to do it right the first time. We can effectively paint most any surface as well, whether it’s metal, concrete, dry wall or wood.

Our services for commercial painting:

  • Repainting the fuel tank farm

  • Concrete surfaces stains and finishes

  • Safety painting

  • Painting for stadiums

  • Painting for school districts

  • Athletic painting, gymnasiums, etc.

  • Waterproofing

How do we stand out?

  • We are reliable and dependable

  • Many years of experience

  • We do all the prep work AND make sure it's clean before we leave!

  • Free advice on choosing color

  • We carry insurance and are licensed and bonded, as well as carry warranties on our paint.

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